hola.Tis I, juice fabuloso and I am annaleighs biggest fan💁


u cecilos cosplayers are pretty fab. yes you,mastervixson (who's eyebrow game is hella strong) and allhairnosoul.


she's got me running from the daylight


all hail pope samwise the first.

abbie the thespian, I love and miss you. because I knew you I have been changed for good.

Deep Questions

1: Close your eyes and think of five things that make you smile when you think about them. What are they?
2: If your house was on fire and you had sixty seconds to leave, what would you take with you?
3: When you're alone in the middle of the night and you can't quite get to sleep, what do you think about? "Going to sleep" doesn't count.
4: What is love to you?
5: What is the opposite of love?
6: Is it possible to love someone if you don't love yourself?
7: Do you believe mutual attraction based on mutual hatred is possible?
8: Is it better to have something amazing and lose it or to never have had it to begin with?
9: Do you focus more on the past, the present, or the future?
10: Do you judge people for what they wear or how they express themselves?
11: Do you believe in individuals over generalisations?
12: When you're very scared or worried, what do you think about or do to help you feel better?
13: How do you feel about what happens after death?
14: Would you rather live a hedonistic life full of good things that make you feel good even if they're bad for you, or a healthy life centered around treating your body like a sacred temple and watching your health as closely as possible? Or do you not care either way?
15: Do you think you can tell a lot about a person from the way they express themselves or answer questions like these?
16: Do you have any special or magical memories you'll always have with you?
17: How would you define yourself, without saying your name or giving a physical description of yourself or your obvious personality?
18: When do you feel truly at peace?
19: Do you like having your worldview or opinions challenged or questioned?
20: Do you believe happiness can exist without sadness?
21: Is there a reason for existence?
22: Do you think the world existed before you did?
23: Do you believe people need breaks from each other, even if they're deeply in love?
24: What do you find most beautiful in people?
25: Do you take questions like these literally or pick up on what they really mean?


where did that come from


Illustrations by Anarkitty

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The guy in front of me when I was getting ice cream tonight was wearing this.


The guy in front of me when I was getting ice cream tonight was wearing this.


when u make a joke and the whole class laughs



I want to see a reality tv show where straight dudes have to read the shitty messages they send to women to their mothers.

panic! at the disco; discography {insp}



i dont understand why ace/aro people get shit all over by other people

like what the fuck, when you were a kid you NEVER needed romance/sex to be happy, who the hell thought “hey as soon as you turn 21 if you dont enjoy romance/sex when you grow up you’re a boring fake piece of shit!”

you never needed it in the past, why do you need it now?


Benedict Cumberbatch | Cabin Pressure Christmas Recording | xxx


Benedict Cumberbatch | Cabin Pressure Christmas Recording | xxx
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for leia


for leia


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